Customers come to the company to choose precision leveling machines

The leveling line is also called the leveling and shearing line, the uncoiling line, and the cross-cut line. It is to uncoil, level, cut, and cut the metal coils into flat sheets of the required length and stack them. In this process, leveling is a necessary step, and in order to achieve a better leveling effect, customers sometimes choose precision leveling machines.


At the end of October, a Mexican customer came to our company with a sample and chose a precision leveler to match its shear line. The material is a 3.5mm thick metal coil plate with a yield strength greater than 600. Finally, we decided to choose our 80 series precision leveler.

New Machine Appearance Design

In addition to giving customers a good experience in machine leveling performance, we have also made some changes in the appearance design of the machine.

The appearance of the new machine is mainly white, with red and black matching the company logo colorThe front of the machine is equipped with a light strip.

There are translucent acrylic panels on the sides of the machine to give a general impression of the leveling mechanism.

What'S Difference Between 4-High Leveler Machine And 6 High Leveler Machine?

The quadruple high-precision leveling machine adopts a support roller between the upper and lower row leveling work rollers and the support bearings (wheels) for forming a four-fold group roller structure with each two levels upper and lower.


What's difference between 4-high leveler machine and 6 high leveler machine?

The six-high roller leveling machine is six-fold group roller structure with each three levels upper and lower.  Compared to four-fold leveling machine, what the increased layer is middle roller layer which set between support roller layer and leveling roller layer.

Advantages of such kind of roller levelers have pressure balance on leveling rollers, good structural rigidity, small flexural deflection on working rollers.

Thus we won’t worry about his leveling performance. Some issue maybe being occurred in normal leveling machine, like press dents, work-piece collapse, and sickle bending have been solved well.



What Are The Functions Of Leveling Machine?

The plate leveling machine is mainly used to straighten plates of various specifications plates. It is suitable for the leveling work of various cold and hot rolled plates. Next, we Xinlijin will take this chance to introduce you what are the functions of the plate leveling machine.

What'S Difference Between 4-High Leveler Machine And 6 High Leveler Machine?



  •  Improve the quality of sheet metal


The plate leveling machine is a precision machine used to improve the shortcomings of coils and plates. These disadvantages include coil set, crossbow, twist, edge camber, wavy edges, coil cracks, and center bumps. If we use a plate leveling machine, these shortcomings can be well solved, so that the quality of the entire metal plate is improved.


Ø Remove stress from the material

The reason why plate leveling machine can remove the internal stress in the materials is because the leveling technology can selectively extend each part of the material. In order to obtain a common fiber length, the shorter part of the sheet fiber is proportionally elongated below the material yield point.


Its realization is to make the material circulate up and down with a small radius of curvature when passing through the plate leveling machine tool, so that the shorter material fiber is elongated. When the sheet metal moves towards the outlet of the leveling machine, the undulations of the upper and lower zigzags gradually decrease to eliminate the material deformation caused by the violent bending at the leveling entrance of the machine tool.


  • Adaptable to high-strength materials


Because of the increasing use of high tensile strength materials in the metal sheet metal industry, the plate leveling of the material requires a large leveling pressure. During the leveling process, the higher leveling pressure will inevitably have an impact on the machine structure and the leveling roll. The equipment is very important for the improvement of the quality of the leveling and the life of the machine.